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The mission of this course is to take you from Zero to Hero in Frontend System Design. During this journey, you will learn everything by watching video tutorials and learning through practical examples from real-world applications.
The curriculum is designed with the principle of `learn with real application examples`, so there will be a lot of knowledge heavy topics that you'll learn from. So only register if you are ready for a grind.
Namaste FSD course will help you with all the knowledge you need to design scalable Frontend web application and will also help you crack your next Frontend System Design Interview. Register Now. ✌️
Who This Course Is for

Senior Engineers

We highly recommend you this course if you are a Senior Frontend Engineer. We cover a lot of advanced frontend concepts which will help you shape your career. It will also be very helpful for your FSD interviews. πŸ”₯

Early Engineers

If you have ~1 year of experience, then you probably won't be designing systems in your job yet. But it's a good-to-have course so that you can start learning advanced frontend topics. It will definitely help you to accelerate your career. πŸš€

College Students

It is not expected from college students / freshers to design systems, hence this course might not be relevant for you. But if you're interested to dive deep into the world of frontend and you're curious about how large frontend systems are build, feel free to join! ✌

Course Content
3. Security

Security - Akshay & Chirag's ExperiencePreview

Akshay and Chirag are sharing their experience on security.

Security Overview

Journey through crucial security principles, setting the foundation for a secure frontend. This foundational episode introduces pivotal concepts shaping the security landscape.

Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

Discover the nuances of XSS vulnerabilities, empowering you to fortify your frontend against malicious script injections that threaten user security.

iFrame Protection

Secure your frontend against iFrame-based threats by mastering techniques to safeguard embedded content and prevent potential vulnerabilities.

Security Headers

Implement security headers effectively to fortify your frontend against various threats, leveraging key configurations for enhanced protection.

Client-side Security

Master best practices and tools for ensuring robust client-side security in your frontend architecture.

Secure Communication (HTTPs)

Safeguard data transfer using advanced HTTP security measures, ensuring secure communication in your frontend applications.

Dependency Security

Learn to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in third-party dependencies, fortifying your frontend against potential risks.

Compliance & Regulation

Navigate complex compliance standards, ensuring your frontend adheres to regulations, mitigating legal and security risks effectively.

Input Validation and Sanitization

Master the art of input validation and sanitization, safeguarding your frontend against various security threats originating from user inputs.

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

Identify and counter SSRF threats, ensuring robust security for your frontend servers against unauthorized requests.

Server-side JavaScript Injection (SSJI)

Protect your frontend against malicious server-side JavaScript injections, preserving system integrity.

Feature Policy | Permissions-Policy

Leverage feature and permissions policies for strengthened frontend security, managing browser behaviors and permissions effectively.

Subresource Integrity (SRI)

Ensure resource integrity by implementing SRI, safeguarding resources loaded into your frontend against tampering.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Manage CORS effectively for secure cross-origin data sharing within your frontend applications.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks for enhanced security.

6. Database & Caching

Database & Caching - Akshay & Chirag's ExperiencePreview

Akshay and Chirag are sharing their experience with Databases and caching.

Database & Caching Overview

Explore the foundational aspects of databases and caching, pivotal for efficient data storage and retrieval in frontend systems.

Local Storage

Master local storage techniques for storing persistent data within the user's browser, enhancing offline capabilities.

Session Storage

Understand session storage mechanisms for storing temporary data within the user's browser session, ensuring data availability during the session.

Cookie Storage

Grasp cookie storage methods for managing and storing small pieces of data in the user's browser, facilitating personalized experiences.

Indexed DB

Master Indexed DB, enabling frontend applications to manage large amounts of structured data within the user's browser.


Understand normalization principles for organizing data in databases, optimizing data storage and retrieval efficiency.

HTTP Caching

Grasp HTTP caching methodologies for storing web server responses in browsers, optimizing data retrieval and system performance.

Service Working Caching

Master service working caching techniques for storing static assets and enhancing the offline capabilities of frontend applications.

API Caching

Understand API caching strategies for caching API responses, reducing server load and enhancing frontend application responsiveness.

State Management

Explore state management techniques for maintaining and managing application states, ensuring seamless user experiences in frontend systems.


Akshay Saini

Founder -

Akshay Saini, founder of, who previously worked as a software engineer at Uber & Paytm. Akshay has over 9+ years of experience in the software industry and has been teaching students on YouTube since 5 years. Well known for his famous playlist named Namaste JavaScript and Namaste React, he has taught over 12 lakhs+ students across the globe.


Chirag Goel

Engineer at Microsoft | ex-Flipkart

Chirag Goel, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, previously worked with companies like Flipkart and many other startups. Chirag has 10+ years of experience in the software industry and has helped professionals crack senior and staff-level positions in product-based companies. Well known for his famous playlist named Chakde System Design.

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βœ… How web works?
βœ… Communication Protocols
βœ… Rest API
βœ… GraphQl
βœ… gRPC
βœ… Short Polling
βœ… Long Polling
βœ… Web Socket
βœ… Server Sent Event
βœ… Webhook
βœ… WebRTC
βœ… XSS
βœ… CSRF
βœ… IFrame Protection
βœ… Authentication
βœ… Authorization
βœ… Security Headers
βœ… Client-Storage Security
βœ… Dependency Security
βœ… Compliance
βœ… SSRF
βœ… SSJI
βœ… Feature Policy
βœ… Permissions Policy
βœ… CORS
βœ… Microfrontend
βœ… Asset Optimization
βœ… Network Optimization
βœ… Build Optimization
βœ… React Optimization
βœ… Javascript Optimization
βœ… Performance Monitoring
βœ… PWA
βœ… Service Worker
βœ… Unit Testing
βœ… E2E Testing
βœ… Telemetry
βœ… Alerting
βœ… HTTP Caching
βœ… In memory caching
βœ… State Management
βœ… LocalStorage
βœ… Session Storage
βœ… Cookie Storage
βœ… IndexedDB
βœ… Keyboard Accessibility
βœ… Screen Reader
βœ… Color Contrasts
βœ… Design Systems
βœ… Polyfills
βœ… Sanitization
βœ… Regulations
βœ… Webkit browser support

And so much more...

Basically, we will teach you everything we have learned over years of working in the software industry. ❀️

We be sharing our real industry experience of designing systems in companies like Paytm, Flipkart, Microsoft and Uber! πŸš€

We will teach you everything right from scratch to the advanced topics. You'll go from Zero to Hero in Frontend System Design 😎

Sounds cool, isn't it?

Topics & Teachers
Akshay Saini
  • Testing
  • Offline Support
  • Deployments & Hosting
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Low Level Design - LLD
  • Interview Preparation
  • Bonus - Resume, LinkedIn, Salary Negotiation
Chirag Goel
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Logging & Monitoring
  • Communication
  • Database & Caching
  • Accessibility
  • Performance

High Level Design will be covered by both!

This is high level overview of the topics covered by Akshay & Chirag. We will also keep adding more topics in the curriculum. We are here to bring the best πŸš€

Our Testimonials

Anand Gadagin

Jr Software Engineer


Special thanks to Akshay Saini for the 'Namaste React' course, his teaching style, particularly in the explanation of challenging topics like Redux, lifecycle methods and context API, was outstanding. his ability to simplify these intricate topics while maintaining enthusiasm made the learning journey both enlightening and enjoyable.


Pujarini Jena

Frontend Developer


I have been working with React for 2 years but the way Akshay teaches in the classes is totally from ground up. It helped me know about every line that I write in the react app now.


Nikita Jit

Software Engineer


After understanding JavaScript concepts from Namaste JavaScript playlist, I was looking for resources to learn React. Before I tried learning from Udemy courses and YouTube videos but then lost motivation mid-way. But this Namaste React is exactly what I was looking for.


Meenakshi Pandey

Senior Software Developer

Siemens Healthineers

Namaste React sessions not only helped me to upskill myReact knowledge, but gave me the leg up that I needed the most in my career. From the first day of the class all the sessions are very interactive. The thing I loved the most about this program is the support we received from the team.


Ajay pathak

Frontend Engineer


Akshay’s way of creating curiosity in all of us and always being super active motivates me a lot. I’ve never attended this level of in-depth reactjs teaching. I appreciate him a lot for his behavior and teaching methods.


Shivam Pandey

Software Developer

KΓΆrber Supply Chain

Since my undergraduate days, I have been a fan of Akshay Sir. I've learned everything I know about programming, including Javascript, through Namaste JavaScript. I joined Namaste React live classes and I found it to be far more engaging than many other courses on React or development.


Nikhil Kumar

Associate software engineer


I am very grateful to Akshay for sharing his knowledge through Namaste JS and Namaste React. His way of explaining the concepts was very well , he not only delivered the concept but also the confidence and enthusiasm to learn anything in the world of Development ❀️.


Hassam Saeed

Technical Project Manager


Highly recommended to every one. Life changing course especially for beginners


Thota Ritikesh

Junior Software Engineer

Phoenix American

Software Career starter pack.


Saurabh Singh

Software Engineer


The way the course blends the intricacies of React with the whole Namaste philosophy is just genius. It's like coding with a dash of mindfulness, and I can't get enough of it. The modules are so well-crafted, and each lesson feels like a step closer to enlightenment in the world of web development.


Shaquib Ahmad Khan

Frontend Developer

Persistent systems

This course is brilliant not only for the interview preparation but also to enhance our knowledge on react and behind the scene how react works. Great quality content and no online course can even come closer to Akshay Saini namaste react


Shivam Govind Rao

SDE 1 (Frontend)


Namaste React has been pivotal in transforming my React proficiency. The platform's comprehensive resources and insightful tutorials formed a robust foundation for my React journey. Thanks to its guidance and practical insights, I not only mastered React but confidently aced my interviews.


Jahangir Khan

Technical Lead

TATA Consultancy Services

The course seamlessly blended engaging theoretical concepts with hands-on practical exercises, providing a comprehensive understanding of React. What sets it apart is the inclusion of real-world industrial use cases, allowing me to apply my knowledge immediately.


Rabindra Mahato

software Engineer


Great course help me to understand frontend in depth. The explanation of React Library was in detail.


Hemshu Shivhare

Associate Software Engineer

Impledge technologies

There were 2 technical interviews in the hiring process, I answered almost every question because of the Namaste javascript and Namaste react course, Purchasing Namaste React in June was one of my best investment.

What Our Students Are Saying
Frequently asked Questions
What are prerequisites for the course?

A laptop with Internet connection, Basic Knowledge of frontend. Hunger for Learning. Ready for a grind.

What language will the course be taught in?

Everything will be taught in English.

Is this course recorded or live?

This course is intensive and knowledge heavy. This course is great for junior as well as senior developers. Everything is recorded in high quality, with very well edited videos. Learn at your own pace, watch it as many times you want to, keep making notes alongside. Hope this helps!

Is this course relevant for freshers or is it only a senior developer?

The course is a must-have for senior developers and a good-to-have for freshers. Basically, it is for everyone who wants dive deep into the world of Frontend Engineering. We cover everything from basics so it is good for Freshers and we also cover advanced topics that are relevant for all Senior Engineers as well. Checkout the topics in the curriculum, if this looks exciting, go for it! πŸ”₯

Should I know React or Angular to start this course?

Frontend System Design is agnostic of framework/libraries, you need not to know these libraries to start this course. We sometimes use coding examples using React to explain the concepts, but knowing React is not mandatory to understand that concept. In short, you don't need React or Angular or Next or Vue.

Is this course only targeted for interviews?

Namaste FSD will help you crack your interviews for Machine Coding, LLD, HLD, Web Fundamentals, System Design rounds and it will also help you a lot while designing complex web applications.

Will you cover React, Node.js and Data Structures?

This is an intensive Frontend System Design course, we will not be covering React, Node.js or Data Structures. However there might be some examples using React.

Will there be any job guarantee after this course?

NO, this is NOT a Job-guarantee program. (No false promises). But we are sure, that if you finish watching these episodes and assignments on time, you will be so good in React that interview questions will be a piece of cake for you.

Can I watch the classes only on phone without Laptop?

No, you will need a laptop to do hands-on and get maximum benefit from the course.

If I have more questions, how can I reach out to you?

Drop us a mail at [email protected]

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