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Akshay Saini

Founder -

Akshay Saini, founder of, who previously worked as a software engineer at Uber & Paytm. Akshay has over 8+ years of experience in the software industry and has been guiding students to become a better software Engineer. Well known for his famous playlist named Namaste JavaScript, he has taught over 12 lakhs+ students across the globe. Akshay is extremely mindful of the technical queries and obstacles faced by students aspiring towards a career in development. Drawing from his own experiences, he has crafted courses designed to offer a straightforward yet effective problem-solving methodology. As a mentor to over 10lakh students, he has established a tech community that facilitates interaction among professionals across different levels of expertise.

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Anand Gadagin

Jr Software Engineer


Special thanks to Akshay Saini for the 'Namaste React' course, his teaching style, particularly in the explanation of challenging topics like Redux, lifecycle methods and context API, was outstanding. his ability to simplify these intricate topics while maintaining enthusiasm made the learning journey both enlightening and enjoyable.


Pujarini Jena

Frontend Developer


I have been working with React for 2 years but the way Akshay teaches in the classes is totally from ground up. It helped me know about every line that I write in the react app now.


Nikita Jit

Software Engineer


After understanding JavaScript concepts from Namaste JavaScript playlist, I was looking for resources to learn React. Before I tried learning from Udemy courses and YouTube videos but then lost motivation mid-way. But this Namaste React is exactly what I was looking for.


Meenakshi Pandey

Senior Software Developer

Siemens Healthineers

Namaste React sessions not only helped me to upskill myReact knowledge, but gave me the leg up that I needed the most in my career. From the first day of the class all the sessions are very interactive. The thing I loved the most about this program is the support we received from the team.


Ajay pathak

Frontend Engineer


Akshay’s way of creating curiosity in all of us and always being super active motivates me a lot. I’ve never attended this level of in-depth reactjs teaching. I appreciate him a lot for his behavior and teaching methods.


Shivam Pandey

Software Developer

Körber Supply Chain

Since my undergraduate days, I have been a fan of Akshay Sir. I've learned everything I know about programming, including Javascript, through Namaste JavaScript. I joined Namaste React live classes and I found it to be far more engaging than many other courses on React or development.


Nikhil Kumar

Associate software engineer


I am very grateful to Akshay for sharing his knowledge through Namaste JS and Namaste React. His way of explaining the concepts was very well , he not only delivered the concept but also the confidence and enthusiasm to learn anything in the world of Development ❤️.


Hassam Saeed

Technical Project Manager


Highly recommended to every one. Life changing course especially for beginners


Thota Ritikesh

Junior Software Engineer

Phoenix American

Software Career starter pack.


Saurabh Singh

Software Engineer


The way the course blends the intricacies of React with the whole Namaste philosophy is just genius. It's like coding with a dash of mindfulness, and I can't get enough of it. The modules are so well-crafted, and each lesson feels like a step closer to enlightenment in the world of web development.


Shaquib Ahmad Khan

Frontend Developer

Persistent systems

This course is brilliant not only for the interview preparation but also to enhance our knowledge on react and behind the scene how react works. Great quality content and no online course can even come closer to Akshay Saini namaste react


Shivam Govind Rao

SDE 1 (Frontend)


Namaste React has been pivotal in transforming my React proficiency. The platform's comprehensive resources and insightful tutorials formed a robust foundation for my React journey. Thanks to its guidance and practical insights, I not only mastered React but confidently aced my interviews.


Jahangir Khan

Technical Lead

TATA Consultancy Services

The course seamlessly blended engaging theoretical concepts with hands-on practical exercises, providing a comprehensive understanding of React. What sets it apart is the inclusion of real-world industrial use cases, allowing me to apply my knowledge immediately.


Rabindra Mahato

software Engineer


Great course help me to understand frontend in depth. The explanation of React Library was in detail.


Hemshu Shivhare

Associate Software Engineer

Impledge technologies

There were 2 technical interviews in the hiring process, I answered almost every question because of the Namaste javascript and Namaste react course, Purchasing Namaste React in June was one of my best investment.

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Our Mission

NamasteDev is an EdTech platform that helps aspiring learners, and coders innovate something significant using modern technology and transform them into efficient front-end developers. Akshay Saini, our founder and mentor, believes in the “learn by building” principle and focuses on practical and hands-on learning experiences for students.

With Namaste React and Namaste Fronted System Design courses, he is thriving to build a community of top-notch front-end developers. We are committed to fostering continuous growth and innovation in front-end development through expert-led instruction and a supportive learning community.

Our Value

Our Vision is to empower a generation of developers to shape and contribute to the digital future of India. NamasteDev platform is dedicated to providing easy access to premium learning resources for the tech community, enabling them to upskill and advance in their careers.

By offering top-tier educational content, we aim to nurture talent and foster innovation, ensuring that our developers are equipped to meet the evolving demands of the tech industry and drive the nation forward in the digital age. Join us in building a brighter, tech-savvy future for India.

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